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About Taylor B. Jones

Lifestyle, Relationship, Dating Coach for Sugar Babies, and creator of The SugarDaddyFormula.com

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Taylor B. Jones, Author, Sugar Baby Dating Coach and creator of SugarDaddyFormula.com has a passion in helping women from all walks of life achieve the lifestyle and relationship they desire. She empowers women to take the reins and take charge of their life and make smart decisions that will lead them to their wildest dreams and fantasies. Taylor has provided thousands of Sugar Babies with the real life tools and innovative resources that they need to achieve the ultimate “Sugar Baby Lifestyle” they desire.

She is an expert of how personality attributes and characteristics can be used by the savvy Sugar Baby to influence her Sugar Daddy’s behavior and actions. She delivers high-impact, motivational programs that answer the big question that everyone wants to know: How to influence men to get them to do what you want when you want? Her Sugar Daddy Formula will change and REVOLUTIONIZE everything YOU know about what it means to be a Sugar Baby.



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